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Lagered Tales

Jan 15, 2019

In our seventh episode of the the Beau's podcast, elite-level runner and former world-record holder in the beer mile, Lewis Kent, explains the unusual—but amazing—sport in which runners throw back a beer every quarter mile, right on the racetrack! We also hear an action-packed update from BSN, the Beau's Sports Network; some failed New Year's resolutions; how one Beau's sales rep achieves the ever-elusive work-life balance; and Beau's brewmaster explains the concept of balance in beer. 
Hosts: Kimberlea Jones and Denis Routhier
Producers: Jen Beauchesne, Emma Chapman, Marc Doucette, Eddy Earwigg, Patrick Jodoin, Mike Simpkin
Technical Producer: Marc Doucette
Guest sportscaster: Phil Beauchesne